About Adam

Growing up in the legendary Coney Island section of Brooklyn, Adam developed his love for the sideshow. Watching the skilled fire-eaters, sword swallowers and unusual performers work their dangerous craft was enough for Adam to declare, “I’ve got to learn this.” And learn he did.  Shortly after graduating from Coney Island USA’s Sideshow School, Adam became one of the premier sideshow acts in New York City and beyond. He’s come full circle and the student is now the Professa, sharing his extensive knowledge of the sideshow’s ‘working acts’ at Coney Island USA’s Sideshow School.

Adam has crafted his own ‘One Man Coney Island Circus Sideshow' which highlight his amazing skills such as sword swallowing, fire eating and breathing and feats of strength, as well as his spot on comedic timing, in a show like no other.

Over the past thirteen years, Adam has had the privilege of performing for audiences ranging from corporate clients and charity events in venues such as country clubs and ballrooms to summer camps for excited campers, and for nightclub goers and party revelers at some of New York’s hottest venues. He has been commissioned to take his one man show as far as Oklahoma, Georgia and Cancun, Mexico.

Audiences are riveted by Adam’s mastery of his own fate as he showcases these death-defying acts, but most important, they laugh. It is Adam’s masterful blend of humor and tension that is so appealing to all age groups and demographics. After all, it’s about entertaining.

And entertain he does. Whether it’s bending steel with his bare hands, ripping a phonebook in half, shooting fire from his mouth or inflating a thick rubber water-bottle until it explodes, those watching will no doubt cheer him on with verve, gleefully anticipating the successful completion of each act.

Adam's large muscular physique is paired well with his large personality, making him a dynamic presence whether on stage or off.

So risk temptation, and spend the eve with Adam!

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