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A Busy Winter...But Please End Soon!

This winter brought more than just lots of snow. It brought some great performing opportunities. The new year started off at the first ever Brooklyn New Year's Eve celebration right under the parachute jump in Coney Island. The event was a huge success, drawing over 5,ooo revelers, where I performed with the Coney Island Circus Sideshow. 

At The Year's End...

As the calendar year approaches it's end, I look forward to sending it off in pure Coney Island style. 

I'll be performing with the cast of the Coney Island Circus Sideshow under the parachute jump on New Years Eve for the first event of it's kind. It'll be cold, but the energy of the night will keep us warm. I hope. Fireworks will light up the night sky following our performance.

Stuff Yourself Silly!!!

After a two year hiatus, I'm bringing the original Coney Island Variety Show, Stuff Yourself Silly back to the place where it all began...Sideshows by the Seashore!

This Thanksgiving Eve, be a part of the fun, the craziness and the sillyness along with New York's top variety performers:

Agent Topchick - With her amazing aerial artisty

Camielle Atkinson - Serving up beautiful vocals

Miss Vivian - Taking needles and pins to a whole new level


Tanya Solomon - Making the magic happen

I'll be your master of ceremonies...

The Strongmen Are Coming To Hanover!

The Olde Time Coney Island Strongman Spectacular will make it's debut performance in Hanover PA, just two months since the show debuted in Nebraska City!

For tickets visit the Eichelberger Performing Arts website.


Support the Small Business

About two months ago I was looking on Etsy for a set of wrist cuffs. What strongman doesn't have wrist cuffs, right? Anyway, I stumbled upon Eastern Oregon Leather Co. and seeing as they had quite the selection on Etsy, I jumped on to their website. All I can say is wow! If it's made of leather and looks cool, Shane at Eastern Oregon can make it! I called up and placed an order with Shane. Talk about service!

Another Busy Summer!

This summer has been keeping me quite busy! 

Things kicked off as the always do, with the Mermaid Parade and Ball. It's always a fun and exhausting day and night in Coney Island when the Mermaid Parade is going on. I had the opportunity to meet this year's King Neptune, Judah Friedlander who seems just as wacky in real life as the characters he plays.

The Strongmen Return!

it's the season of the strongman in more ways than one. There's lots of big news in the strongman commmunity. The documentary 'Bending Steel' is set to make it's world priemere at the Tribecca Film Festival on April 20. The film follows strongman Chris Schoeck as he trains for a performance slot at the first annual Olde Time Coney Island Strongman Spectacular. I'm thrilled to say that I play a major role in the film as does my co-producer of the Strongman Spectacular, Chris Rider.

Helping a Charity I Love

On March 9, Coney Island USA is holding it's annual Spring Gala at Webster Hall. It's really a party not to be missed...and I should know. I'm emceeing and curating much of the entertainment for the evening. Coney Island USA is Coney Island's resident not for profit atrs organization. If it's cool and happening in Coney Island it's brought to you by Coney Island USA. 

Gearing Up For a Busy 2013

So 2012 is winding down. The Mayan's were wrong. We're still here...and that's a good thing because I've got a lot of things brewing! 2012 saw me working with the New York Variety All-Stars. The All-Stars are Cardone, Kryssy Kocktail and myself. While we've only been together for 7 months, we've already had some amazing bookings, interest in a tv show and we won the 'Act of the Year' award at the Sideshow Gathering in the Poconos.

If the past is any indication, the New York Variety All-Stars are bound for greatness in 2013! Stay tuned...

What a summer...and there's still plenty to go!

Some might call them 'the dog days of summer'...but not me! Summer has traditionally been my busiest time for bookings. And each one is it's own experience. This season has been notable for a number of reasons, the first one being the 12th annual Heavy Rebel Weekender. I've been performing at the weekender for the last 9 years. It's always great to see old friends and meet new ones. The following weekend was the Psychobilly Luau. How's that for back to back rock and roll weekenders! 

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